Video Narrative Project

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To start this project, I began by thinking about topics that I found interesting and eventually landed on football. I then thought about the various types of football movies that have been made and the various plots that each of them has. I eventually decided on a player that goes through his life trying to become the next face of football with people such as Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. I began grabbing images from google from every major level of football including little league, middle school, high school, college, and the NFL to show the progression that our fictional player would be going through. For the title picture, I looked for a generic football player so that it wouldn’t be tight to a player that already exists. For background music, I thought about what kinds of songs sound inspirational. I eventually came across “Training Montage” from the movie Rocky 4. I felt that this song perfectly represented someone progressing through a journey that they spend their entire lives trying to achieve. I got the audio file for the song from the website “”. I then added text in between each of the pictures to tell the story. Lastly, I added transitions that I thought make all of the pictures and text flow together as a single video.

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