Video Joker Project

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To start this project, my partner and I began to think of a scene, but could not come up with anything on our own. We then started thinking of clips from various shows that we could do. We went back and forth over a few ideas, but we eventually landed on the Key and Peele skit “Substitute Teacher”. It was something that we were both familiar with and found funny. In preparation for filming we got various outfits and accessories since there were a few characters that we needed to portray. Before we started filming, I wrote down all of them on a sheet of paper so that we could use them if needed. We broke up filming into sections by character to make it as simple as possible to keep track of the clips. Since we shot on the phone, I uploaded all of the clips to my google drive so that I would have access to them on my computer. After I got all of the clips downloaded to my computer, I added them all into Premiere Pro. For all of the clips, we did not feel that transitions were necessary because we were recreating a scene from a show and they have jump cuts normally. Finally I added a title and credits to the video for which I just reused the title of the original skit. 

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